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Help us make a difference in the lives of children

When you shop at, Amazon shares a portion of the sale back with Kids First Cast. We appreciate the support!

Wanted: Your used fishing equipment

Kids First Cast, is seeking donations of good quality fishing rods, reels and tackle.  If you've accumulated dust on these much needed items, you can now put them to great use!   Or, for the fishermen and women that are wanting to upgrade their equipment and get the new and improved fishing gear, please donate your good used equipment with us.

By donating your equipment we are able to loan this equipment to kids and families that do not have their own.  This donation would help allow them to participate in our fishing programs, along with enjoying the sport of fishing.


Donations are always appreciated and always needed.

To fund the many great programs that are offered in our communities we ask for your support with donations. Every donation no matter how big or how small will have an important place in this organization!